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Stopping the Manipulation of Fear


   When Rapid City Indivisible decided to shed light on the Islamophobic groups and presentations in our community we had no idea the we would be shining that light on our local Republican Party as well as some local churches. These organizations prey on the fear and misunderstanding people may have about Islam. Like any religion, Islam is very complicated so misunderstandings are easily manipulated unless one does some research on the topic. This manipulation is especially easy when the person or groups maintain that they are experts in “that threat” or messengers of God.


   It is impossible to cover all the manipulated facts used to instill fear in people about Islam, but we would like to cover some of the most common topics used. We at Indivisible Rapid City are not experts on any religion, hate group, political party or church. We are simply citizens of the larger community who see something very negative going on in Rapid City. We want to help our community understand what is happening and how we can stand up to what we feel is wrong. We have done as much research as possible to shed light on the misinformation we feel is being spread. All of our sources of information are annotated in this blog post. We encourage everyone to read the links for deeper understanding of each topic.

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Our followers may remember back in March and April I wrote two blogs on a hate group that put on a presentation in Rapid City in April. If you did not see them here are the links to each. and  These blogs will give some background information on the ACT for America group as well as what local entities have supported them in the past.

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Why are we planning a peaceful protest to Stand United and Indivisible with our Muslim community on April 29, 2017? Indivisible Rapid City is hoping that this peaceful protest will show Act for America that the citizens of Rapid City do not support this group's peddling of fear, misunderstanding and hate in our community. More importantly, we want to show our Muslim community members that they do have fellow community members who welcome and support them.

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Trump Blowing more money


Trump is going to be spending even more of our money at Mar-A-Lago!


Yesterday this website posted an article on 45's constant vacations to Mar-a-lago. In this website we linked to the Washington Posts website. Well here we going again and it has not even been a Day! Trump is now bringing the Chinese President Xi Jinping to his Mar-a-lago property. This is quickly getting out of hand, and we have to make our voice heard.

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