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On 29 July Senator Rounds had an article in the RC Journal titled "Obamacare is Killing Health Care". It was an attempted to defend the Republican position on health care and was totally misleading. He talked about a competitive market based system as the way to achieve affordable health care. After decades of a system driven by the desires of industry we can compare the affordability of our system using data provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In 2015 the average of 10 other rich nations was $5,000 per capita. In that year the US spent $9,500 per capita. They had universal coverage and we had over 30 million uninsured. In 2009 a Harvard Medical School study estimated that 45,000 people died unnecessarily due to a lack of health insurance. Additionally hundreds of thousands are driven into bankruptcy by medical bills.


It seems Senator Round's solution to the financial sustainability problem is to take health care away from more than 20 million low income Americans. Additionally he says the single payer (Medicare for All) approach is just too expensive. He should take a trip to Canada. It is unfathomable that he could make this claim and further claim that the Government is too inept to manage such a program. With this Government more interested in sabotaging the ACA than providing health care for all of us he probably is correct in claiming Government ineptitude; by design. However, I would like to remind him that the NASA Apollo program successfully landed a man on the moon before the decade of the 60s ended. That Government was 100% behind that program and with the dedication of engineers and scientists they made us very proud. The Republicans don't want Government to function efficiently. They would rather privatize everything and relinquish their responsibility to provide for the common good. Big money lobbyists are responsible for our country's future.


And lastly, Senator Rounds says "America is home to the best health care providers in the world". This may be true but it really doesn't matter to the tens of millions of Americans with no insurance and certainly no access to those facilities. Those in rural poor areas who depend on Medicaid will be out of luck if the GOP gets its way. We cannot know if Senator Rounds really believes what he says or if he is just following his party ideology, but either way it's a sad day for those of us at the bottom. At a time of massive income inequality we're being told we can't have universal, quality and affordable health care, even though all other rich nations have it at lower cost and with better outcomes. That is a glaring inconsistency in the story our politicians are telling us. It must serve as a condemnation of our political system.


Bob Wilfong

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