Public News Service

Public News Service recently sat down with one of our core members and conducted an interview about the upcoming Tax March. If you would like to read the full article, it can be found HERE

Interview Audio

News stories about our protest at Mike Rounds about Health Care

On 6/27/2017 we protested outside of Mike Rounds office about the Republican health care bill. KOTA showed up and interviewed us. The story may be read HERE

News stories about our tax march!

Our tax march yesterday was covered by KEVN, KOTA, and Rapid City Journal. While KOTA called us "Invisible", we had a good story done by KEVN which can be found HERE. News Center 1 also did a short piece on us located HERE

News stories about our protest of Act for America

We held a non-violent protest of the Anti-Islam event held at the Rapid City Civic Center on Thursday June 15th. It was covered by the Rapid City Journal (story is here), Public News Service (story here), KOTA TV (story and video here), KEVN TV (story here), Argus Leader (story here), and as the stories show up we will add them to the list. Newsweek also picked up this story and it can be read HERE!

About Us

We are a group of progressives using non-violent and focused pressure to resist the current administration's

regressive policies to ensure freedom, equality, liberty, and justice for all.

This is our mission statement. Our story is being written today and everyday going forward. Find your voice.

Join us in creating a narrative for South Dakota that reflects our Mission Statement.