LisaFounding Member
Middle age white woman is grateful to have time and energy to shape policy in South Dakota and USA by influencing Members of Congress with non-violent, persistent, and vocal actions. I put people over party. I know our budget can provide single-payer healthcare and education and childcare for all. I value our public lands. Selling or maiming them is not in my belief system. I am a permit holder on USDA managed Grasslands. Our state has one of the largest areas of untilled land in the US and keeping it intact is crucial for future generations. I believe climate change is due to human impact. I respect and value our Armed Forces and all of those who have provided for our safety here and abroad. I believe 59% of our budget on military spending is too much of the pie. I am interested in a simpler tax code. Massive reform is necessary. I hope this pendulum swing to the right can be stopped and our hard earned tax dollars will be allocated in a fair and reasonable manner.
LoriFounding Member / Social media lady
I am a west coast person who has always had liberal/progressive leanings. I am a wife and a mother who practiced as a nurse for 20 years. I have lived in South Dakota for over 20 years now and have felt politically out of place everyday. I have been very aware of the political processes in our country but really only ever participated by voting. That changed drastically the night 45 was elected! This man, his cabinet and policies truly frighten me and I quickly realized that I cannot sit idly by while he ruins our country and government as we know them. This is what pushed me to find like-minded individuals in this very red state. As one we are small but as a whole we can defeat 45s regressive agenda!
SusanFounding Member
I was a single parent for many years. I found I could not support my child on minimum wage income and put myself through college with a young child. I used public assistance when I was putting my self through college. I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Range Management and then went to work in the public sector. I have worked at my job for 28 years. I moved to South Dakota in 2001 and lived many years in Sturgis. I met my husband Gerald in 2004 and we have been together over 12 years. We moved to Rapid City in 2011 and bought a house. Gerald and I became foster parents in 2013 and we adopted 2 boys in 2014 from foster care. I have been a life long progressive. I was never one to get much into politics except to vote. After the current administration was elected into office, I knew I needed to find my voice not only for my family, but for everyone who is unable to speak up for whatever reason. I joined the women's march the day after the inauguration of the current president. It was like a drug as I found a way to express my feelings. I found many other progressives who felt frustrated, angry, scared, and wanting to do something to fight this administration. Several of us got together and started Indivisible Rapid City to bring progressives out of the darkness and to find they are not alone. We can do this. We can make a difference. Together we are stronger. Show Up. Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up.

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